Max Ovsiankin

Curriculum Vitae – February 2020 •


Algorithms, Theory of Statistics, Programming Languages, Complexity

University of California, Berkeley 2016 - 2020, planned

B.A., Mathematics and Computer Science


C. Boschini, J. Camenisch, N. Spooner, M. Ovsiankin, Efficient Post-Quantum SNARKs for RSIS and RLWE and their Applications to Privacy. PQCrypto 2020.


M. Ovsiankin, E. Burmako. Validating Typechecking Changes with SemanticDB, ICFP 2018.

M. Ovsiankin, Cracking RSA with Quantum Computing, Berkeley Mathematics Directed Reading Program, 2018.

Member of Phi Beta Kappa and Upsilon Pi Epsilon
CS 170 Intro to CS Theory . Content TA Spring 2020

Under Alessandro Chiesa and Jelani Nelson.

CS 170 Intro to CS Theory . Head TA Fall 2019

Under Prasad Raghavendra and Satish Rao.

CS 189 Intro to Machine Learning . TA Summer 2019

Under Marc Khoury and Brijen Thananjeyan.

CS 170 Intro to CS Theory . Head TA Spring 2019

Under Luca Trevisan and Prasad Raghavendra.

CS 170 Intro to CS Theory . TA Fall 2018

Under Alessandro Chiesa and Satish Rao.

CS 70 Discrete Math and Probability Theory . Tutor Spring 2018
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San Francisco, CA

. Software Engineering Intern May - Aug 2018

Researched JVM language tooling on the Scala Tools team. Built Scala expression parser, worked on new Scala compiler, designed semantic analyzation, rewrite, and comparison tools for compiler-added synthetics like implicits and inferred type parameters. Created Java compiler plugin that captures semantic information. Most work has been open-sourced at Twitter Rsc or Scalameta.

Salesforce Einstein ,

Palo Alto, CA

. Data Science Intern May - Aug 2017

Wrote Scala and worked with Spark. Contributed to machine learning engine in model serialization, automatic feature engineering, “smart” quickstart templates, and assorted refactors. Tuned pilot tenant models in order to upstream algorithm changes to ML framework. Built tools in Gradle and Scala to assist with modeling workflows and submitting projects to clusters.

Kifi ,

Mountain View, CA

. Software Engineering Intern Jun - Sep 2015

Wrote Scala and worked with Slick and Play Framework. Helped refactor Kifi’s web scraper, designed and built a new system for delivering notifications. Built chatops tools to streamline deployment. All work deployed to production. Kifi was eventually acquired by Google.

AddisCoder . TA Summer 2020, planned Will serve as a TA for AddisCoder, a free intensive 4-week summer program in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia introducing high schoolers to programming and algorithms.

Computer Science Mentors (CSM) . Mentor, Co-Coord Jan 2018 - May 2019 CSM provides adjunct sections for UC Berkeley CS classes. I volunteered as a mentor for CSM for CS 70 for three semesters. Later I was a co-coordinator, managing logistics and helping mentors succeed teaching their sections, including sections for underrepresented students in CS.


I have been playing piano for over 15 years, less so in college.

Treasury of Romantic Senior B ,

1st place

March 2014

United States Open Music Competition. Video of me playing: